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Enhance the outward appearance of your home or property. Realtors have found a nicely sealed driveway/parking-lot to be much more effective when showing or selling a property.

Crack filling, hole patching and seal coating your driveway or parking-lot will double the life of your asphalt, protecting it from the extremes of hot and cold temperatures we so often experience in this region. Once cracks rise into the surface, moisture will start to destroy the asphalt base. If left un-treated, the surface will break down until the only resort is to have it repaved or resurfaced, costing you thousands of dollars.

Parking lots that are properly sealed attract more customers. While making the outside more appealing, you will be slashing your budget costs by not having to pay outrageously high resurfacing costs in a matter of years. Since parking lots see more traffic, they are much more susceptible to cracks, oil spots and holes, plaguing your customers with damage from potential hazards. Asphalt sealing will prevent those hazards and save them a trip to the mechanic. This means less liability for you. After we patch the holes and remove damaging oil spots, your parking lot will be that much safer for busy customers hurrying in and out of your business.

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