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Winter Services

We all know that the weather plays a huge part in the life cycle of asphalt. The worst season for asphalt is certainly the winter. That's when cracks and holes in asphalt fill with moisture which then of course freezes and thaws. This expands the cracks and widens the holes, which leads to higher maintenance costs for the owner. Or the worst case situation, resurface or replace. 

That's why we work all year around to protect your investment unlike most asphalt repair contractors. Commercial or residential, 15 degrees or 50 degrees, we are there to hot crack fill and patch your holes during the harsh winter months. This amounts to saving hundreds if not thousands, in asphalt repair work throughout the life of your driveway or parking lot. 

We are able to do this because the hot crack fill is applied at 450 degrees into the cracks and the holes are saw cut and cold patched with a hot seam filler around the perfectly squared off patch. There is no drying time because the crack fill dries instantly and the hole patch is plate tampered down for instant walking and driving traffic.

We have many referrals from people that have had this work performed during the winter months and will deliver them upon request. We offer a 15% discount on sealing the following season for customers that take advantage of protecting their asphalt during the off season. This makes the sealing job easier for us and cheaper for you.