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Block Paver & Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Omni Sealcoat & Driveway Repair LLC uses the highest grade joint stabilizing sealers on your block pavers and concrete surface. Our sealer protects the surface of block pavers and concrete from staining and moisture. By bonding the individual particles to prevent erosion and damage caused by harmful UV rays, it helps maintain the structure and durability of the surface. To learn more about the advantages of block paver and concrete sealing please contact us.

We know how important your new hardscape is to you and want to help maintain it. After one season of your patio or walkway being installed we recommend you apply our stabilizing sealer. Our sealer allows maximum penetration making it easier to clean up dirt and spills, enhances the color of the surface, and makes it difficult for any type of weed penetrating through.

Our Sealers are safe, non-hazardous, and OSHA, EPA, and VOC compliant.

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